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Ai In Healthcare: India’S Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

The recent publication Indias Trillion-Dollar Digital Opportunity, a report from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) partnering with McKinsey & Company, has created waves. Shri Rajiv Chandrasekhar, quote, a report from Ministry of Electronics & IT, Indias trillion-dollar digital opportunity, says that India is on track to become a trillion-dollar digital economy, which can sustain 60-65 million digitally enabled jobs by 2025-26.    Show Source Texts

The report presents a digital vision for India and its potential to reach $1 trillion of economic value through a digital economy by 2025, highlighting the different priority areas for accomplishing this goal. The Report highlights Indias digital growth story and shows how India could unlock as much as $1 trillion in economic growth by 2025 from its fast-growing digital economy. The report notes and praises the achievements of the 2015 Digital India programme in increasing access, services, inclusivity, and empowerment through digital technologies, as well as in closing the “haves”-have-nots gap. Moreover, as the Digital India programme has increased digitization over the past 7 years, the rest of the economic sectors have created ample opportunities for jobs that are digitally enabled.    Show Source Texts

While opportunities exist in certain other sectors, such as finance services and law, for vertically-specific NLP applications, no industry offers the greater breadth of language AI use cases than health care. There are also considerable opportunities for startups in the rapidly changing language translation space. There are also substantial opportunities for startups in the search space outside the market of internet-based consumer searches, which has been made synonymous with Google. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix are all providing tailored services for Indian consumers.    Show Source Texts

As technology brings in new opportunities, we also need to build a strong foundation for protecting that digital future. In our Global Health Outlook 2021, we examine six issues driving the changes taking place across health care and provide questions and actions for healthcare leaders to consider over the next year.    Show Source Texts

Is Data Privacy A Thing of the Past in a Digital World, 2021, World Economic Forum. Designing AI technologies for older adults, 2021, World Economic Forum. Artificial intelligence is changing the surveillance landscape, 2021, ACM Interactions.    Show Source Texts How the airline industry can make AI safer?, 2022, World Economic Forum. Our approaches for studying AI in health care must be uniform, 2022, ACM Interactions. Indias spending on artificial intelligence is expected to reach $11.78 billion by 2025, with an estimated $1 trillion added to the Indian economy by 2035, as mentioned in the report of World Economic Forum.    

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