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How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Our Lives In The Coming Decades

AI has been a major driving force behind emerging technologies such as big data, robotics, and IoT, and it will continue to serve as the technological innovator in the near future. While AI has the potential to be the single most influential human innovation in history, we cannot possibly predict its behavior. Media portrayals of AI run the gamut, and although nobody can forecast exactly how it will develop in the future, the trends and developments underway paint a far different picture of how AI will be part of our lives.    Show Source Texts

Given the way artificial intelligence has been depicted in the media, particularly some of our favorite science fiction films, it is understandable that the emergence of this technology has created fears that AI will someday render humans obsolete in the workforce. As this technology evolves, the world will witness new startups, a myriad of applications for businesses and consumers, as well as the displacement of some jobs and the creation of whole new ones. As with most changes in life, society will experience both positive and negative impacts as AI continues to change the world in which we live. From jobs and healthcare to solving some of the biggest problems of the world, AI will work in tandem with human ingenuity to improve nearly every aspect of our lives.    Show Source Texts

As with past advances in automation, AI will result in higher levels of productivity, occupational specialization, and a greater prominence for human skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and quantitative skills. Artificial intelligence, or computers trained to think like humans, has the potential to make us healthier, less stressed, and happier, with advances in medical care, manufacturing, and other fields. AI makes our lives more efficient everyday AI powers a variety of programs and services that help us with everyday things, such as connecting with friends, using an e-mail program, or using a ride-sharing service. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad-ranging tool that allows humans to redefine the way we integrate information, analyze data, and use the insights that are gained to make better decisions – and already, it is changing every aspect of our lives.    Show Source Texts As you can see, there is virtually no field in everyday life where AI will not have at least some impact, as the technology matures and its usage becomes more widespread. In the future, it will be expanded into more industries and fields, until AI will ultimately know more about us than we know ourselves.  

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