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Your Career With Elamigo

A supportive environment where employees’ core abilities are strengthened.

Employees are valued

The competency of the employees is highly valued and treasured

Resourceful atmosphere

Highly equipped and resourceful environment to explore latest technology

Encouraging community

Surrounded by experts who provide unconditional encouragement and positive support.

Exceptional projects

Build your career working for some exceptionally great projects

Our Recruitment Process

First Interaction

The initial conversation with the HR where the basic qualification and level of communication will be assessed.

Technical round

The core knowledge and technical skill of the interviewee will be assessed in the second round of interview..

Practical Assessment Round

In the third round, candidates undergo a real-time assessment, allowing us to analyze their practical knowledge."

Final Discussion with HR:

In this concluding round, the HR will provide the candidate with a detailed overview of the job description and discuss office ethics.

Career at Elamigo

Plant your skills at the right place to grow.

At Elamigo, our amicable approach towards employees has consistently garnered appreciation, creating a comfortable workplace where teams can work freely and diligently meet their deadlines.

We deeply value our employees’ dedication, and in recognition of outstanding performances, we make it a point to reward them every month.

Explore exciting opportunities at one of the most welcoming and friendly workplaces in India. Whether you’re a fresher or an experienced professional, kindly email us your CV with the desired job title as the subject line. We look forward to connecting with you.


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